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Lights and Cameras Super Pack

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If you're ready to jump in with both feet, we've got the package for you!

We're offering
  • Waay Basic Lighting

  • On Camera Basics

  • Motion Backgrounds Vols. I & II
    150 looping motion backgrounds

  • NightGlass Image Center Vintage Collection  Transportation
    100 great public domain clips from every form
    of transportation
For the Lights and Cameras Super Pack Price of $99.00!

This is a tremendous arsenal of material to kick-start you to better
looking videos RIGHT NOW! Learn how to improve your video lighting with equipment from your local hardware store. Become a more polished on-camera presenter to better sell your product or service. Make your videos pop with graphic backgrounds and elements designed by award-winning broadcast designers. And finally, interject some fun into your next project with some campy clips from our Vintage Collection.

It's all here, so get your Super Pack and get started!