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Waay Basic Lighting

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Lighting techniques used by the pros
with equipment from your garage.

I've been working in television for twenty years. And although I've had numerous on-air credits in my career, with networks like TNT, Turner Classic Movies and A&E, my heart has always been in corporate and non-profi t video. Video professionals working in non-broadcast have to work so hard everyday trying to make their projects look like what everyone watches on prime-time television, with budgets that would make broadcast professionals run for the hills. Waay Basic Lighting is designed to teach the lighting techniques and strategies of broadcast professionals in a way that beginners and students can start practicing today with nothing more than construction lights from Home Depot. It's about the techniques and not the equipment! Video can be such a great medium and so often it is executed poorly and it's usually blamed on equipment and budget. It doesn't need to be that way. I so hope this video is a great stepping stone for video enthusiasts to create better video projects starting today!

Matt Gore, Founder

Things You'll Learn From This Video:
  • How to light a presentation with Home Depot lights
  • Hard and soft light sources
  • How to bounce light for softer looks
  • Three point lighting
  • How to use diffusion
  • Creating background lighting effects
  • Must-have lighting accessories
  • Next step lighting equipment